How Much Will It Cost To Resize My Ring?

Ring sizing starts at $10 and can be done while you wait or inside a week in most cases.

Pricing of sizing and repairs is not based on the value of the ring but the work involved.

If you've ever had a jewelry repair that was badly done, you will more than appreciate the results when you pick up your repair looking as new as it did coming out of the box!


The price of resizing a ring will vary depending on the metal, type of stones, number of stones and how they are set in the ring.  We need to see the ring and the intended wearer in order to assess the amount of adjustment and whether the ring is sizeable.  Some rings cannot be sized at all, some with a laser but not a torch and some, like white gold will need to be rhodium plated after sizing to keep the 'white' look. Rhodium is a hard white plating used on all White Gold Repairs and is expensive because it is of the Platinum family of metals. Included in the price is tightening all stones in order to warranty all jobs.


How Long Does It Take To Have My Repair or Custom Job Finished?
Most ring sizings and basic repairs can be done while you wait or within 1 week!

In most cases one week. Our repair tickets default to 7 days; most jobs are done in a day or two. When ordering parts is necessary- up to 10 days.

If we are starting from a sketch or a wax, the time depends on many factors including settling on a design.

In some cases, for an 'express charge' certain repairs can be done the same day.

We fix just about Anything!


Can I Have My Titanium Ring Resized?
Titanium rings cannot be resized. Jewelers cannot affect Titanium, Stainless Steel, Ceramic (glass) or Silicone.

Sizing a 14kt White Gold Ring.


Sizing any ring depends on whether there are stones, how they are set and whether the ring can be sized as far as the customer desires. Sizing White Gold is the same as sizing Yellow Gold except for the final step which is Rhodium Plating. Rhodium is of the Platinum family and is expensive so it costs slightly more to size a white ring than for a yellow or rose gold one. Rhodium plating is necessary because all gold is yellow. 14kt gold is 60% gold and 40% other metals. This means that white gold jewelry is rarely 'pure' white. Plating creates a pure white mirror finish that should be redone yearly or whenever the piece seems to have a yellow tinge.

This is a 14kt White gold ring to be sized down.

#1 The blue lines represent the piece I will cut out to remove the number of sizes the ring is to be reduced. Note the yellowish appearance before work.

This is a 14kt White gold ring to be sized up.

#1 The blue line is where I will cut it then open it up to insert a piece of gold the number of sizes the ring is to be enlarged.

Sizing down is finished. #2 Note that there is no seam where sizing was done. #3 Note the whiter appearance. Sizing white gold rings is slightly more expensive because they need to be plated in a hard white metal called Rhodium after sizing.

#1 Shows the area where the piece was inserted and soldered in place. Notice that there is no difference in thickness, no toolmarks, etc.



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