There are 6 ways to get the perfect engagement ring or unique treasure you envision.


#1  You can choose your finished piece from the many collections we have among our suppliers.

#2   They also have many designs where you can supply all the stones or

just the center stone. This is known as a Stone ReSet.

#3   We can work with what you already have.
You can bring in one or many separate pieces of jewelry and we can combine elements from each for a new distinct creation.


                                           #4 Fabrication

This is where your new item is constructed from scratch using raw materials and by hand.

#5   CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. 

This is where beginning with a sketch or a picture, the drawing is rendered in 3D using a computer design program. This rendering can then be made real by milling a wax and then casting the piece.

                                      #6  Lost Wax Casting

Beginning with a sketch or a wax, we can use your gold or ours and cast the piece from scratch and add elements or your stones to finish.



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